Our Story

Heya! I'm Vyna (pronounced vee-na), the artist behind Kitty Kitsune. 

Popping on some ears for my neko cosplay, festival outfit, date night, or even for just a picnic in the park, makes me feel so damn cute and happy! I want to share this feeling for everyone to embrace their cheeky and playful spirit in their everyday and for special occasions.

And so Kitty Kitsune’s mission began in 2019 in our tiny Melbourne apartment living room, creating kitten, fox and wolf ears inspired by nature's majestic creatures, the colours of the sky, anime and games, the mystical kitsune and kemonomimi aesthetics. 

Today I’ve upgraded to a whole studio room dedicated to our craft! I’ve added bears, puppies and bunnies to the ever-growing collection and also had the best minion join my team (my partner Kev hehe), helping me run this little handcraft business to bring little art pieces of joy to the world.

Since young, I have always dreamed of being an artist, creating artworks that others could enjoy and love. I would not be able to come this far without the paramount love and encouragement I've received from my customers, supporters, friends and family. Thank you for being a part of this journey to fill the world with adorable beings!

ฅ(❀^ㅅ^)ฅ   ♡   ฅ(^ㅅ^❀)ฅ

I hope you will love your Kitty Kitsune creations as much as we enjoy creating them.

I love seeing how you babes rock your ears, outfits, creative looks and cosplay. So please share your photos, thoughts and reviews with me! 

Be sure to tag @kittykitsune_ on Instagram or @kittykitsune_xx on Twitter so I can see!


Stay pawsitive and kawaii neko babes!  

= ^ ω ^ =


Lots of Love ♡ Vyna