Terms of Service and Policies

By purchasing from Kitty Kitsune, you agree to the Terms of Service outlined below. 

Please read and decide carefully before committing to buy. 

Our goods are handcrafted with love and care, and may have minor imperfections due to human error that will not affect the overall look and wear.

By purchasing, you agree to not use our goods for 18+ activities involving minors.

We hold the right to refuse service to anyone and have a zero tolerance policy towards any abuse.

Terms of Service are subject to change without notice.



Online Orders: 

All sales are final. There are no cancellations. Please decide carefully before purchasing.

Instagram Releases:

Once you comment to claim or bid for auction, you agree to buy the item. There are no cancellations. 

Custom Orders: 

You may cancel your order any time before we start creating your items.

Refunds will be processed with a $60 AUD cancellation fee if: 

  • Your order had an indepth consultation with complex requests, design and sketches or
  • We have already started making your order.



All sales are final. There are NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS or NO EXCHANGES.

Our goods are handcrafted with love and care, and may have minor imperfections that will not affect the overall look and wear. This can include slight asymmetry to ears, fur, trimming, painting, small amounts of visible stitching or glue, etc... When purchasing you are agreeing to accept these small human errors.

Actual colours may vary slightly in photos and from screens due to different monitor screen settings and devices. We do our best to ensure photos are closely matched to the actual product as much as possible. Requesting to return an item because the colour does not match your outfit/wig/tail/etc.. will not be accepted. For custom orders, I will do my utmost best to colour match your items when requested but cannot guarantee an exact match.



Please allow the below processing times for your item to be created. If you have more than 1 item in your order, your order will be posted when all items have been completed and ready to ship all together.

Ears & Tails: up to 6 weeks

Magnetic Ear Hangers & Bows: up to 2 weeks

INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES: Photos shown are a sample. Actual product will vary slightly in fur trimming, airbrushing detail and shades of colour. Each pair is individually handcrafted and can't be recreated 100%. There will be minor differences and imperfections that makes each one unique.

When purchasing Made-To-Order, you are agreeing that what you receive will have minor and individual differences from the sample photo.



Please contact us ASAP if you have any problems with your order such as damage or receiving the wrong product. Please email your query with photos of the parcel, box and items so we can assess the situation and provide appropriate solutions. Enquiries must be made within 1 day of receiving your order. After this time, there are strictly no returns and no refunds.

Received the wrong items:

In the rare case that you received the wrong order, we ask for your assistance in returning the parcel to us where we will cover the cost of return tracked postage. Once we receive your proof of postage and return tracking number, we will resend the correct items to you with no additional postage charges.

In-transit damage:

If damage is due to in-transit by the postal service, a claim will be lodged for compensation by the postal service.



Lost or Damaged:

All orders are shipped in a box with tracking to ensure it arrives safely to you. Kitty Kitsune is not liable for lost packages, delays or in-transit damage after it has been handed over to the postal service. If your item is lost or damaged in transit, you may be entitled to compensation by the postal service.

Parcels will only be left in a safe place if deemed safe by the delivery person. Where parcels have been left in a safe place at your delivered address, it then becomes your responsibility.

Please let us know ASAP if you experience any of these issues. If your package and goods arrive damaged, please send us photos within 1 day of delivery. We will do everything we can to investigate and lodge relevant claims with the postal service. Please note claims may take a couple of months to process by the postal service. Compensation will only be processed once the parcel has been deemed lost or damaged by the postal service.

Incorrect Address:

It is your responsibility to provide the correct delivery details at the time of order. If you need to update your details, please contact us ASAP. If your order has already been dispatched, Kitty Kitsune is not liable for your loss.

Unclaimed Parcels:

Parcels that have failed to deliver due to the customer not collecting within the allocated time frame, wrong address provided, failure to pay customs, etc... will be sent back to us by your local postal service. In this case, the cost of postage is not refundable and the customer will be charged additional shipping cost to have it redelivered.



Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Kitty Kitsune is not responsible for delays due to customs.



Kitty Kitsune has the right to reproduce their designs unless the design is stated exclusive or one of a kind (OOAK).

Designs and drawings by Kitty Kitsune in consultations are the property of Kitty Kitsune and should not be shared outside of the custom consultation unless with permission. 



Please do not deconstruct our creations.

Please do not buy for the purposes of reselling, trading, or as part of a promotion and prize giveaway (unless with permission).

If you wish to resell, please do not sell over the purchase price.


NMIK! - No Minors In Kink!

Kitty Kitsune creations are used by many as a form of expression, identity, creativity, fashion and fun.

We understand our creations can be used in 18+ activities. Kitty Kitsune does not condone minors in kink. Any minors who are attempting or have been found to buy for this intent, or anyone buying for minors for this intent will be blacklisted and banned.

By purchasing from Kitty Kitsune, you agree to not use our goods for 18+ activities involving minors. 



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