Thank you for visiting Kitty Kitsune! I am currently a one person studio, previously two. With this recent major change, the way we sell online and at events will change and be limited.

I regret to slim down our already so limited products, however hope that it will be temporary.

I will be going back to my roots of releasing limited small run collections online, once all open orders are completed.

Thank you for your love and support for Kitty Kitsune. It means so so much to me.

Much love, Vyna xx



Made To Order & Customs will close until further notice. I estimate I can resume this in a few months however with strictly limited availability. Please email your request and I will check the possibility and add you to the waitlist.

Open Orders will not be affected however are currently delayed

Online Releases and Eevee will be postponed

In-person Events will be less frequent with limited pieces. Please see Updates tab for event list within Australia.

Please email for any questions or updates about your current order.

Email: kittykitsuneshop@gmail.com

Nyan! =^-^=

Heya! I am an independant artist designing & crafting anime inspired animal ears and accessories from my home studio in Melbourne Australia

Each piece is carefully handcrafted with love and high attention to detail.

Our creations are loved and used by many as a form of expression, creativity, fashion and fun.

If you need help to find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to email me at kittykitsuneshop@gmail.com

Much love, Vyna xx


Made To Order (MTO)

(currently not available)

Choose your ear shape and accessories from our Made-To-Order collection of our staple designs. Please note creation and processing times may take up 4 to 8 weeks. This excludes delivery which is 1 week within Australia and 2-3 weeks internationally under normal shipping conditions. If you require by a certain date, pls contact us for the possibility.


Ready To Ship Designs - Online Releases

We do limited Ready-To-Ship releases every month or 2 (ranging from 3 to 20 pieces). Each release varies in theme and colour.

Because there is a limited amount, they tend to sell quite quickly! That is why there are little or no ears available to buy right now.

To get previews and updates on our next Release, please follow our Instagram or sign up to our mailing list!

Only one of each design/style is available with each release. If you see a piece you like in the previews, we highly recommend coming onto the website a few minutes before the release time to purchase as soon as it is released. 

If the design you want is sold out, you may contact us to see if it can be made to order.


Conventions & Markets

Catch us at conventions and festivals in Australia! We stall at mostly Melbourne anime cons 1 to 3 times a year, with a chance of going to other states. See the Updates tab to see where we'll be next.


Custom Enquiries

Please email kittykitsuneshop@gmail.com with your request. We will assess the possibility and availability of taking your order.


Creative & Business Collaborations & Enquiries

We love to work with creatives to bring projects and events to life. If you're after ears and tails for your business, film production, music video, creative performance etc. or if you'd like us to bring our stall to your event, please contact us for the possibility.

Artisan Neko Ears - Handcrafted with Love

Committed to empowering neko & kemonomimi babes around the globe,

Kitty Kitsune creates handcrafted faux fur animal ears and accessories

fueled by moon energy and inspired by nature's majestic creatures and skies, mythology, anime and games, the mystical kitsune and kemonomimi aesthetics ~

to add a sweet touch to your outfit or cosplay.

= ^ ω ^ =

Kemonomimi 獣耳 

An anime and manga term that describes a humanoid character who possesses animal ears and/or tails. 

Japanese literal translation: beast ears;

from 獣 (kemono, “animal” or “beast”) + 耳 (mimi, “ear”).

Neko Ears for everyday

The cherry on top to your look

The crown to your cosplay

luxury Artpieces that you can wear

View Made to Order Ears View Ready to Wear Collections

Our Ears

Soft to the touch, our 3D shaped ears are made with durability and comfort in mind. They are sturdy while being lightweight.

Lined with wire inside, they can be shaped into a variety of poses to create different looks and feels. Check out the Care & Style page to see how!

All ears can move up and down along the headband to adjust the position to suit all headshapes and style preferences.

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