Care & Style


Kitty Kitsune ears, tails & accessories are handmade with great joy, love and care. Please follow the care tips included in every order to maintain the life and colour of your handmade goods.



Ears & Tails

β™‘Β Β FOR SOFT FUR, comb before and after use to remove debris and tangles.Β A fine tooth comb is given for all first purchases ^^

β™‘Β  DO NOT WASH or submerge in water.

β™‘Β  BE EXTRA GENTLE with airbrushed and detailed areas.

β™‘Β  WIPE & DAB SOFTLY using a damp cloth & lifting motion. Do not rub into fabric.Β Keep away from alcohol based liquids and wipes.

β™‘Β  If an ear becomes loose and slides down, you may use pliers to clamp down the wire attachment to tighten it.Β 

Accessories & Hardware

β™‘Β  Wipe down chains, hoops and charms after every use with a clean dry cloth
(this is especially important for pieces that touch the skin).


β™‘Β  Store on a flat surface ensuring fur is not bent.

β™‘Β Β Keep away from moisture & direct sunlight.





β™‘Β  Inner Ear Tufts: Gently twist or comb outwards

β™‘Β  Back Fur: Fluff up or comb down

β™‘Β  Side Fluffs: Fluff up or comb down


β™‘Β  If you are finding the band too tight, you can stretch the headband by pulling both ends of the band away.

β™‘Β Β If you are finding the band too loose, you can bend the ends of the headband towards each other to make it slightly tighter.

β™‘Β  Are your ears falling off your head? For extra hold, secure the headband to your head using flat snap hair clips (provided with medium and large ears).Β 


β™‘Β  Holding one ear at a time, use other hand to hold and slide the band through the wire attachments. If there is resistance, hold and nudge at the red points below.

β™‘Β  If there is a gap between your ears and your head, adjust the ear position by pushing the whole ear forwards or backwards from the headband.Β 


β™‘ Our ears are lined with wire and can be posed into different shapes for different looks. The red lines below show where the wires can be posed. Gently bend to desired shape.

β™‘ Never bend wires in sharp angles (like an L). Always keep the wire curved (like a C or S). Keep in mind that the wire will lose shape the more it is adjusted.Β 

Need more help?

β™‘Β Β Refurbishment of ears (airbrushing, trimming, accessories, damage) may be possible, please contact us for details.

β™‘Β  If you need any help with your ears, please contact us here, IG DM or Email!