Custom Orders Info

Have a one-on-one in-depth consultation with us to design and create the dream pair of ears or set for you.

Please read below carefully. By purchasing a custom order, you agree to the terms below.


Custom Order availability is extremely limited. Openings are announced on Instagram, Facebook, and Emailed to Subscribers.

We highly reccomend subscribing to our Mailing List to get notified when we reopen customs! See the bottom of this page to sign-up.


Consultations are done via Instagram Direct Messaging. Please let us know if you prefer to discuss via email. If you are outside of Australia where our time zones are different, consultations with delayed replies can carry across a couple of days. If you are unable to chat, please communicate with us when you are able to. 



With custom orders, we can:

  • Remake an item you've missed out on in our past releases, for example from our Dark Naturals release! 

Some designs are not able to be remade at our discretion.

Some items we are not able to do an exact remake. For example if it is a very intricate piece, or materials and accessories are no longer available.

  • Remake of an auction piece may be possible where the price is matched to the winning auction price or is based on our quote. 
  • Make something we've made before but in a different colour or shape or with other changes 
  • Cosplay ears based on a character 
  • Realistic animal ears based on a specific animal (eg. husky, german shepherd, tiger…). Please note this will be created in one of our existing shapes, airbrushing and trimming styles which may not be an exact match to the animal but is a representation of it.
  • Work together to create and design a custom design for you. This can be based on your vision, a theme, a moodboard…

Example requests

  • Monochrome Kitty ears with silver accessories
  • Luna Kitsune ears in colours of the sunset (provide photo reference)
  • Spirit Blossom Ahri in Kanine ears
  • White Tiger ears in Mini Roundie
  • Koi fish theme Kitsune ears with a matching Wolf tail


Our Past Works

View our past works below. Providing links of what you are after in your consultation will help very much!


Item Quantity

If you have obtained a slot, below is the maximum quantity you can request for each item type:

Ears: 1
Tails: 1
Succubus Wings: 1
Bows: 4
Ear Hangers: 2


With the nature of handcrafted and painted work, each pair is unique and will have their unique differences. Please understand we are not able to 100% recreate our own designs to the minute details and may have minor differences such as airbrush detailing and shades of colour. 

Declined Requests

Your custom order can be declined if your request is outside of our offering, style or we feel we can not execute your request accurately.



See below the shapes we offer. We currently don't offer custom shapes. Please contact us if you’d like to see example photos of our customers wearing the shape you are interested in. 

Ears: Mini Roundie, Roundie, Kitten, Kitty, Scottish Fold Kitty, Kitsune, Kanine, Bunny

Tails: Bunny, Cat, Chunky Cat, Fox, Wolf

 View our shapes here.


Once we’ve discussed what you are after in our consultation, we will provide you with a quote plus postage cost.

The final price depends on a combination of

  • Shape
  • Complexity of design
  • Airbrushing time
  • Number of colours 
  • Accessories added on
  • Designing and sketching required

Below are our price ranges (in $AUD) from the most simple and smallest, to the most detailed designs. Your quote can go higher if the request is higher in detail and complexity. Prices on our recent website releases will give a good indicator on the approximate price range how much an item similar to it could be. Please note website prices are subject to change.

Ears: $150 - $350

Tail: $70 - $160

Jewellery/Accessories Add On: $5 - $60

Bow Clips: $10 - $60

Succubus Wings: $50+

Magnetic Ear Hangers: $96+ 

Design Fee: $20 - $60

Shipping: $10 - $45. Please see here for shipping information.

(Prices are in $AUD. Please convert to your currency.)


Please see the following past releases for price approximates.

Simple Designs: Dark Naturals Release

Detailed Designs: Halloween Release



Where designing and sketches are required, a design fee will be charged from $20 depending on the request. Simple sketches are not charged, for example of accessory or detail placements. We will always let you know beforehand the cost and get your ‘ok to proceed’, before we design for you. 

For more complex requests, sketching out the design is very important in conveying what will be made accurately. This is to ensure you can see what will be made and agree on the colours and shades. We often provide 1 to 3 design options based on the information you have provided.

What if you don’t like our design?

Small revisions: No fee

Complete rework: $30

Unable to agree on a design: Where we are unable to design and bring to life what you have in mind, we cannot proceed. You must choose to cancel or go with another design.

Cancelling after designing: Cancellation will incur a $60 fee for design, consultation, processing fee and time.

All drawings and designs from Kitty Kitsune is the property of Kitty Kitsune and should not be shared outside of the consultation unless permission is given.


Photo References

Providing references will really help us understand and closely capture what you are after. Example of good references:

  • photos/links of our past works, 
  • character references, 
  • animal photos, 
  • drawings, 
  • colour palettes, 
  • theme/mood/vibe inspirational images

 !! DO NOT ask to recreate another ear artist’s work !! 

DO NOT send photos of another ear maker/artist/shop’s work. If you are after another artist’s work and style, please direct your request to them. 


Whislt we do have a wide range of materials and colours, all items are subject to materials and fur availability. If we do not have the correct colour or accessories you are after, we can source the materials however this can add 1-2 months wait time on your order.


We begin your order once we receive the first deposit payment. Please allow 4-8 weeks for your items to be made. Any delays will be communicated to you.

Once production has begun, there are no changes to the design.

Photos of the completed creations will be sent to you prior to shipping for confirmation.

Shipping time:
AU: up to 1.5 weeks
International: 3-5 weeks



  • At least 50% deposit is required immediately after receiving a quote
  • Remaining balance must be paid in full in 4 weeks
  • Goods will only be shipped once full payment is cleared.


Refunds will be processed with a $60 AUD cancellation fee if:

  • Your order had an in-depth consultation
  • Or your order had design and sketches 
  • Or we have already started making your order

A supplies fee will be charged if your order required us to source additional materials specifically for your order. 

If none of the above applies, to cancel your slot, there is a cancellation fee of $20 AUD.


All sales are final. There are NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES.

Our goods are handcrafted with love and care, and may have minor imperfections that will not affect the overall look and wear. This can include slight asymmetry to ears, fur, trimming, painting, small amounts of visible stitching or glue, etc... When purchasing you are agreeing to accept these small human errors.

Actual colours may vary slightly in photos and from screens due to different monitor screen settings and devices. We do our best to ensure photos are closely matched to the actual product as much as possible. 

Requesting to return an item because the colour does not match your outfit/wig/tail/etc.. will not be accepted. We will do our utmost best to colour match your items when requested but cannot guarantee an exact match.

To ensure we can bring the ears you envision to life, it is important to clearly communicate what you are after in the consultation. It is up to you to provide accurate information, references and colour palettes that best represent what you are after. We then use the information you provide and form a sketch and design that we will to the best of our abilities, bring to life.


By purchasing from Kitty Kitsune, you agree to the Terms of Service. Please read the full Terms of Service here before committing to buy.